Washers or flat gaskets

Elite produces square or rectangular rings and they are called washer or flat gaskets. We deal with standard dimensions but we are willing to produce the articles in according to our client’s design. The washers allow a wide range of applications (like classical OR) and they offer a support surface more vast. They work correctly also if there are minimal or heavy pressures or crush

The flexibility of the rubber maintains the closure and the endurance, also during the movements of the surfaces that are in contact with the washers. The choice of the rubber compound and of its hardness is fundamental: the contact surface is wide and you can obtain different results also if you modify a bit the hardness.

There are two types of production:

from mold

from printed sleeve


from mold

in summary the advantages of using this system for obtaining these washers are:

good exterior finishing

very close tolerance

possibility of little production


from printed sleeve

this production process plans to obtain the cutting washer in molded rubber sleeves.

Initially, you continue to press the rubber sleeve, which has the same diameter both inside and outside of the washer to produce but with a superior height.

When you obtain a “rubber pipe”, you have to cut it to the correct thickness and with special machinery. After, you will obtain the correct washer.

Suggested rubber compound for the washer:

Nbr, Sbr, Epdm; Nr, Hnbr, Vmq, Neo, Fkm


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