Rubber balls


Elite gomma produces Rubber balls for every need: balls made all with rubber, floating balls and balls which have inside  wood or metal, for the most various industrial uses, also for food uses.

Discover the range of our rubber balls.

Since 2008 we have avaible an ENGEL press (Austria), the last invention for the multi-injection form, which increases and improves the mold of rubber balls.

The balls can be:
- high rebound
-with wood or metal for getting a specific weight in according to the needs

The balls ,which we produce, are very used in the agricultural market, food market and enological market, and they can have several characteristics in according to the application.
Our range of products is variegated and includes standard items but we are willing to create articles according to a technical design, if the customer requested it. The production takes place with molds of our property but we can produce with molds of our clients’ property, if requested.
Also, we have tuning or deburring machinery in our places in addition to our staff, who is responsible of the manual finishing touch. 


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