Painting caps and protections

Caps and paint protections are used as cover for the paintings operations to dust and liquid, or for simply esthetic finishing or flexible protection to the impacts. 
The rubber, which we use for our caps or protections, is chosen in according to the type of making, so they can be made of silicone rubber for varnish or epdm for varnish to liquid.
The standard shapes of the rubber caps are 3: circular, square or rectangular.

The rubber or silicone caps can be used also as element of esthetic finishing for pipe and electronic devices.
Considering their flexibility, other application of the rubber caps is the protection of delicate parts during the transport both inside the company and during the shipment.
The principal advantages of this type of product are:

-resistance to a wide range of paintings

-they succeed in removing itself the varnish and reusable if they are made of silicone

-good protection of the delicate parts during the transport


-protection during the assembly 

The most used rubber compounds for the production of the gaskets are:
Silicone rubber for high temperature, sbr, viton nitrile, nbr, epdm, cr neoprene