Support buffers

Shock absorber buffers of several dimensions and shapes.



Elite gomma Srl produces for more than 20 years these type of articles that are produced for reducing impacts and bumps and reducing damages on machinery that are in movement.

The uses of this product are different, from the automotive to the construction industry, to the fitness, to the cosmetology (machinery for gyms and beauty centers); in the last years, our company is specialized in the production of shock absorbers for the transport of the goods but in particular for the cars that are transported by air or by sea.

This type of product is built with combinable molds of our property that permit to change the height, the diameter and the hardness.

Recommended rubber compound:
Natural rubber


Codice Ø A Altezza B Vite C Ø Filetto F Carico Max
[mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [Kg]
EPC69/60M12-60 69 60 15 12MA femmina 350
EPC69/60M12/36-60 69 60 32 12MA maschio 350
EPC69/75M12/36-60 69 75 32 12MA maschio 340