Vibration dampers

Elite produces vibration dampers for several sectors:
-compressors, electrical generators
-construction and road machines
-air-conditioning groups, refrigerator groups
-electrical and electronics equipment
-center of work, shaping machines
-machines of processing and industrial automation

Technical characteristic:
The rubber vibrations dampers are used for an efficient absorption of impact or reduction of rumors and vibration and they are applied in high stress sectors like compressors and lawnmowers.

The attachment rubber-metal can support the same traction force as the rubber body.
The special rubber compound in NBR incision SBR guarantees a large cycle of hysteresis.

The vulcanization control blocks the creation of air bubbles inside the rubber body.
All the inserts are made of a high quality steel (on demand inox)
The metallic parts are united in a solid way and reliable galvanization.