Sucker shaped shock absorbers

Sucker shaped shock absorbers are used for several applications




The sucker shaped shock absorbers are particulary appropriate for being applied on generators or compressors, that is where the vibrations can cause lateral movements of the finished product. Recently, ELITEGOMMA has studied a particular sucker shaped shock absorbers that can be applied on the fitness products, especially on the spinning bicycles in the water or outdoors. The materials that are used, are formulated especially for the long resistance under stress.

Recommended rubber compounds for these artcles are:
SBR Styrene-Butadiene Rubber
NBR Nitrile Rubber

(Standard: SBR)



Ø D Altezza Vite Ø Filetto
[mm] B C F
  [mm] [mm] [mm]
EPV3020PF670 30 20 10 6MA femmina
EPV3020PM870 30 20 16 8MA maschio
PIE 45/20VM5 45 20 14 5MA maschio
PIE 45/20VM6 45 20 16 6MA maschio
PIE 50/30VM8 50 30 16 8MA maschio
PIE 50/40VM8 50 40 16 8MA maschio

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