Shock absorbers - rubber feet

The rubber feet, also called shock absorbers or vibration dampers feet, are composed of a rubber piece directly vulcanized to a metallic part which is generally composed of a disk and a screw attached to it.

Production technology
The adhesion rubber-metal derives from the production technology of the standard vibration dampers, which are composed of two screws, male or female. Between these two screws there is a rubber disk that reduces the vibrations of one part than the other.
The metallic parts are inserted in the mold with the rubber; after you get a co-form of the two materials and an interface adhesion higher than the resistance of the rubber part.

The rubber feet are used as support feet but also as antivibration buffer for reducing the impact of a moving mass.
In the first case, the rubber feet give the advantages of the adhesion to the support surface and of reduction of the vibrations that no other material can achieve.
If they are used as end stops buffers, they offer excellent characteristics and flexibilities.

SBR is the standard material which is used.