O’Ring is a rubber ring, with a circular shape used for mechanical gasket or seal. The O’Ring are designed for being inserted in specific compartments and for being pressed during the assembly of two or more parts for getting a sealing gasket.

The word O’Ring letteraly means: “O” for its letter of the alphabet, derived by its shape; and “Ring” for the rings.
The O’Ring are defined O’erre in the current italian and in the technical language.

The union can be static , when the parts of the compartment and the gasket do not move relative to each other, or dinamic, when they move. Due to the overheating, which is caused by the friction, the junctions that move, need a correct lubrification and their speed is limited.

The O’Ring are a very common gasket, and they are used in projects for their inexpensive costs and their resistance to tens of megapascal of pressure.
The production is completely italian and of high quality. After the form, the production process establishes a tunning for removing the imperfections on the junction line of the mold.

They can be used in several sectors: automotive, farming, hydraulic, machanics, food, and fitness.