Elite Gomma Srl

Elite Gomma Srl is born and develops in a gradual way exclusively in the press rubber sector and its purpose is to be a reliable partner of its clients and their requests.

Our company is big about 10.000 mq that are divided in production department, warehouse, technical and quality office and administrative offices. The production department is composed of various mold lines with injection machines and compression machines from 80 to 500 ton. With our warehouse we can manage possible Kanban of our permanent clients without problems and we are able to satisfy the requests in 48 hours.

We also have tuning or deburring machinery in our places. In the last years Elite Gomma has become one of the leader of the rubber-plastic sector thank to our gradual and constant development and we supply our clients both articles of the catalog like rubber balls, paint protections, support feet and technical design in according to our clients’ design. The commercial sectors that we supply are Automotive, Fitness and Pumps and water treatment, Oil Hydraulics, Pneumatic, pharmaceutical industry, agricultural industry generally.


From more than 35 years, Elite Gomma produces rubber balls for several applications and we have a wide range of measures with injection, compression and transfer molds of our property and we are able to produce a final product with perfectly smooth surfaces and in decimal tolerance. During the years and thank to the collaboration with ENGEL Austria, now we have an excellent production system and with high standard of quality that permit us to satisfy our more demanding clients like the clients of the automotive sector.